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Winter is time to enjoy different herb teas, especially warm, but also cold, served with some cookies or sweets, or alone, as digestive, depurative, relaxing and refreshing.
In very next days we will eat much more  then usually, we will exaggerate with all kind of sweets, salty stuff and spices and our bodies will need a lot of liquid, but not only. We will need to eliminate superfluous substances we will ingest with food and beverages, so let's make a good provision of herb teas that will help our bodies to survive the holidays without much suffer.
Nowadays there are a lot of variety of herb teas, but I think that the best ones are the most simply ones, especially if you can harvest them by your own. It is not easy, because you need to reach clean environments without pollution and you need to know when is the very best moment to harvest different herbs. Fortunately we can find plenty of herbs teas in shops and in the pharmacy.
My family still use to harvest a lot of herb teas, I have got some from my mother, some from my aunt and from my cousin and I have also prepared my own herbs provisions.
I really like to prepare a cup of herb tea from time to time and drink it warm and without sugar, especially in the evening before I go to bed.
Christmas is near and we also need something special, there are some special mixtures of herbs and fruits that will satisfy all your senses. These mixtures produce so nice and perfumed steams and will make your enjoy evan more your flavourful cup of winter tea!


CHAMOMILE - the most simple and well known one, it’s calming and anti-inflammatory
CAMOMILLA - la più semplice e la più conosciuta, ha il potere calmante e antinfiammatorio
KAMILICA - najjednostavnija i najpoznatija, ima smirujuća i antiupalna svojstva


MINT - is refreshing, but has also digestive and toning properties
MENTA - è rinfrescante, ma ha anche proprietà digestive e tonificanti
METVICA - je osvježavajuća, ali i pospješuje probavu i okrepljuje


LINDEN - helps to expel the catarrh, makes you sweat,it has emollient, antispasmodic and calming properties
TIGLIO - aiuta a espellere il catarro, fa sudare, ha le proprietà emollienti, antispasmodiche e calmanti
LIPA - pomaže izbaciti katar i pri znojenju, dobar je antispazmotik, ima ublažavajuća i smirujuća svojstva


ELDER - helps to make you sweat
SAMBUCO - aiuta la sudorazione
BAZGA - pospješuje znojenje


ROSEHIP - rich in vitamine C and bioflavonoids, it has astringent , anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective properties
ROSA CANINA - ricca di vitamina C e bioflavonoidi, ha le proprietà astringenti, antinfiammatorie ed è buon vasoprottetore
ŠIPAK - bogat vitaminom C i bioflavonoidima, zatvara, ima antiupalna svojstva i služi kao vazoprotektor


To enjoy winter days and evenings - karkadè, orange zest, rosa canina, cinnamon, calendula

Per trascorrere piacevoli giornate e serate invernali - karkadè, scorze d’arancia, rosa canina, cannella, calendula

Da bi uživali u zimskim danima i večerima - karkadè, korice naranče, šipak, cimet, neven

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