Parmigiana s patlidžanima - Parmigiana with aubergines - Parmigiana di melanzane

Seasons changing are very confusing this year...Are we still enjoying summertime, or early autumn sunny days...I couldn't precisely decide which season are we experiencing, but I wish this Indian summer will last another while before we jump into moist autumn days.
It's not because if season changing, but because my thyroide gland got crazy again, that I feel so sleepy and I should even not think ablut my sofa, I fall asleep while simply looking at my soft and comfortable sofa!
Since I've discovered that my thyroide gland is dysfunctioning I blame it for all my health problems. Well, I should not speak about real health problems, I only get sleepy when I'm not doing something and I'm hyperactive all day long until I decide to stop and that the time to relax has come. Then I'm ready to fall asleep! But not before I see in my mind clear picture of what I'd like to prepare and photograph next.
And it works, I first create with my head, then it must look perfect to my eyes and finaly it must tast good!

Last two weekends Mr. M. and me went to the forest to collect some chestnuts. Some means plenty to me. We gathered a pretty huge provision of chestnuts, but for the time being I'm still cooking parmigiana with aubergines and new recipes with chestnuts will have to wait for a while...I have already something new in my mind, so I'm starting to test an new recipe!

Last time on the seaside was in September...peaceful and clear morning sky, fresh salty breeze and a jump in warm water of Sardinian sea. I should go back there more often, its colours are hot and burned and the nature intact and so intense. I only had little time to take few pictures of the sea and the beach, it was a short business trip without time to wander around and to discover  true Sardinia and its beauties. And don't forget Mr. M. is Sardinian  born and bred, not really born over there, but I perceive his origins in infinity of details. We are both bounded to the sea and to be intact nature of both these beautiful countries: Sardinia and Croatia.

Here in the river Po walley, early morning fogs have started only few days ago and now you can say definitively say goodby to hot and dry summertime. Despite foggy mornings, during the day temperatures are pretty high and it influeces my nutritive habits too. I have extended the consumption of summer fruits and vegetables while I'm supposed to start cooking pumpins and cabbages. This very summery treat is the last summer dish I have prepared this year. I promise it!

My parmigiana with aubergines is  healthy and very light, because I don't fry aubergines, I use grilled aubergines. This is absolutely not the traditional way of cooking the real parmigiana, but it taste good and it's better for the digestion.


za 4 porcije je potrebno:
4 patlidžana
maslinovo ulje
salsa od rajčice koju ste prije pripremili
mozzarella (narezana na komadiće)
ribani parmezan

Lagano nauljiti grill tavu. Narezati patlidžane na šnite debele 1 cm. Zagrijati grill tavu i peći patlidžane nekoliko minuta sa svake strane. Malo posoliti svaku šnitu patlidžana.
Malo ohladiti patlidžane.
Na dno posude za pećenje rasporediti malo salse od rajčice, pokriti patlidžanima, potom dodati mozzarellu i parmezan i po tome dodati  salse od rajčice. Ponoviti ove slojeve tri ili četiri puta. Po zadnjem sloju poslagati mozzarellu, par listova bosiljka i posipati parmezanom.
Peći na 180°C da se sir otopi i da postane zlatno smeđe boje.

Poslužiti toplo.


for 4 servings you will need:
4 aubergines
some olive oil
tomato sauce prepared in advance
mozzarella cheese (cut into small peaces)
grated parmesan cheese

Oil grill pan with some olive oil. Cut aubergines into slices 1 cm thick. Heat the grill pan and bake aubergines few minutes on each side. Add some salt on top of each aubergine.
Allow the aubergines to cool down.
Put some tomato sauce on the bottom of the baking tray, cover it completely with aubergines, then add mozzarella and parmesan cheese and add some tomato sauce on top. Repeat this order of  layering the ingredients three or four times. On top of last layer arrange mozzarella cheese, some basil leafs and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Bake at 180°C until the cheese get melted and golden brown.

Serve until hot.


per 4 porzioni servirà:
4 melanzane
olio di oliva
salsa di pomodoro preparata prima
mozzarella (tagliata a pezzetti)
parmigiano grattugiato

Oliare leggermente la padella da grill. Tagliare le melanzane a fette spesse 1 cm. Riscaldare la padella da grill e cuocere le melanzane per qualche minuto da entrambi i lati. Salare leggermente ogni melanzana.
Lasciare che le melanzane si raffreddino.
Sistemare un po' di salsa al pomodoro sul fondo della teglia, coprire con le melanzane, poi aggiungere la mozzarella e il parmigiano e infine la salsa di pomodoro. Ripetere questa stratificazione per tre o quattro volte. Sopra ultimo strato sistemare la mozzarella, qualche foglia di basilico e cospargere con il parmigiano.
Infornare a 180°C fino a quando il formaggio si sarà sciolto e diventato dorato.
Servire caldo.

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