Frozen yoghurt with white peaches – Yogurt ghiacciato con pesche bianche – Smrznuti jogurt s bijelim breskvama

Cicada's concert is live all day long. Until late in the night and I'm listening these summer buzz in the shade of my kitchen. Patiently, all day long, it relaxes me. During hot and humid summer nights it induces sleep. And it suddenly stops, around one o'clock every night. While hot breez cools the air before another shiny day make me craving more and more something refreshing, something soft and easy. And I'm back in the kitchen, in front of the open fridge, absorbing the chilliness that is flowing out from it. Some more seconds. I stay motionless, enjoying the wellness of my body. In that moment I fell very selfish, but I fell comforted, for a while I forget my green nature. I need to forget that I'm consuming energy and harming the environment. My mind is waking me up, I rapidly take a couple of things from the fridge and I close it, rapidly.
Peaches are ripe, perfumed and juicy. White peaches...I didn't like  white peaches when I was younger. Now I adore them, they are not too  sweet, their pulp is so fascinating, so white inside and pink near to the peel.
During one of those hot and buzzing nights I've dreamed about cold, thirst-quenching white peach ice cubes melting in my mouth. Fresh and juicy.
During one of those hot and buzzing days I made this frozen dessert and it turned fresh and easy, not too sweet and thirst-quenching like the imaginary ice cubes from my dream.


Dose with 1 medium peach:
1 ripe peach (80 gr weight)
75 ml whole milk natural yoghurt or fruit yoghurt
2 teaspoons orange honey* or sugar
seeds from 1/3 vanilla bean

Remove the stones from the fruits, cut fruits in small pieces. Do not remove the peel and blend together with honey and seeds from vanilla bean until you get smooth mixture with some entire pieces of fruits and peel left in the mixture. Add yoghurt and incorporate all together.
Freeze the mixture overnight.

*if you choose fruit yoghurt, don’t add any other honey or sugar


Dose con 1 pesca media:
1 pesca matura (80 gr di peso)
75 ml di yogurt naturale intero o alla frutta
2 cucchiaini di miele* di fiori d’arancio o di zucchero
semi di 1/3 di un baccello di vaniglia

Togliere i noccioli dalla frutta e tagliarla a pezzetti, ma non bisogna rimuovere la buccia. Tritare la frutta nel mixes con il miele fino ad ottenere un composto liscio con qualche pezzetto intero di frutta e della buccia. Aggiungere lo yogurt ed incorporare tutto.
Mettere nel freezer per una notte.

*se sceglierete lo yogurt alla frutta, non servirà aggiungere miele o altro zucchero


Doza s 1 breskvom:
1 zrela breskva (težine 80 gr)
75 ml punomasnog običnog jogurta ili voćnog jogurta
2 žličice meda* od cvjeta naranče ili šećera
sjemenke 1/3 mahune vanilije

Iz voća izvaditi koštice i narezati ga na komadiće, ali ne treba oguliti kožicu. Usitniti voće u blenderu da dobijete glatku masu s par cijelih komadića voća i kožice. U smjesu dodati jogurt e sjediniti.
Zamrznuti preko noći.

*ako upotrijebite voćni jogurt, ne trebate dodavati med niti šećer

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