…nothing is real but the chance, wrote Paul Auster in the City of Glass and since the moment I read it, this incredible truth is following me in every single moment of my life. It happened for chance that I read about Gradaraworkshop, but I couldn’t have imagined how deep would this event remain in my memory and in my heart and how often would I go back to those fantastic moments.
Fearing for my inadequacy among those young and so talented Ladies, eventually I’ve grabbed this unique opportunity, because I couldn't lose the chance to meet Valentina, Betty or Zaira. Not this time! This time I was the lucky one and I was selfish enough to think only about what I wanted to do. Only a few words, I wrote a short message, but it was enough to express in the most pale way my desire to be part of this adventure. Nothing else, the rest occured as natural consequence of future events.

Our dining table

Shooting while preparing Prosecco&Peaches coctail!

When I started to experiment in cooking, we used to exchange recipes handwritten on piece of paper. Suddenly the world changed. In very short time it became virtual and our lives faster and faster, but I'm still attracted by slowly living. Meeting new people through social networks will never be so sincere and exciting as making new friendships while exchanging hugs, kisses and handshakes. Gradaraworkshop made me rediscover this sensation again. Meeting people with same passion is even better! Saghar, BedourEleni, Elif, Diane, Daniela, IsoldinaRoberta, Carla....Every single person was an hidden, curious universe to me.

Evening walk to Gradara Castle
Plenty of good vibrations were in the air ... shadows, lights, darkness, colours, beauty, simplicity, sharing...
In some moments I felt like a small child, wandering with eyes wide open while listening wonderful life stories and interesting experiences from each of my new friends.

The train that brought me to Gradare was traveling fast across flat Italian countryside, passing through rich orchards and granary, leaving behind cities and villages. After only few hours it arrived to the Adriatic coast and I’ve continued my journey to the fabulous small castle on the hill above the sea. The view from above was so wide and clear and I was imagining to see the cost of my homeland on the other side of the see. The countryside all around was gently undulating and full of summer colours. The nature was beautiful and pure, the nights were warm and humid, the tranquility was all around.

Charming small calstle on the hill!
Details from the kitchen
Raku pottery from The Freaky Raku
During those three days I was living a dream. I had always desired to take part of a workshop like this one with a very special people I’ve met there, so inspiring and so real! People that have embraced each-other instantaneously and completely.
No words can describe the atmosphere we were living in Gradara, only the cameras have captured the magic of those moments. It took me some time to return to the reality of my everyday life and I still go back to Gradare workshop from time to time, especially when I need some magic to survive the hasty days. I'm sure I will remember all our talks and laughings forever.
Being part of so talented group of people, even if only for few days, was full of emotions and good vibes. Working together, side by side, with all those beautiful Ladies has no price. It all happened spontaneously, it's as if we'd known each other for year. We created an amazing melting pot of different cultures, habits and experiences and this extraordinary experience made me richer and wiser.

Teatime, some more styling scenes
My favourite Raku pot!
Food is the core of this story, food that we syled and photographed, but also good and healthy food prepared by the fantastic cook. Who can prepare the best and most tasty food ever then a Mother? This time we enjoyed the genuine and traditional Italian food that Valentina’s mother cooked for us.
We ate and whispered with the mouths full of delicious food only one onomatopoeic phrase: Mmmmmmm! expressing all our appreciation and gratitude.
Part of the workshop was dedicated to the art of pasta making. Making pasta can really be called The Art, there is so much talent and practice involved that, even if you know how to do home-made pasta, it's always so curious to see someone else making it. Every single pasta maker has its own art and way of doing it! In one word, watching Valentina making tagliatelle was inspiring and deserve another story to be told!

The Art of making pasta

It has been more then a month since I came back from Gradara. Even my holidays are over now. Both these moments gave me so much beauty and emotions.
Wandering around with the camera in my hands brings me so much fun and joy. I also love my lonely moments, guiet and peaceful and now I need to wait for another chance to knock on my door...hope to be able to recognize it in time.

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