Arugula and walnuts pesto - Pesto di rucola e noci - Pesto od rukole i oraha

Since some months I began to change our eating habits, I have reduced the consumption of cheese and meat. I have not totally eliminated these ingredients from our diet, because we like to eat some good cheese, salami or steak, but I’m trying to avoid fat cheese and especially preserved meat. It’s good to avoid to many salt, artificial spices and preservatives in our food. Luckily we both (me and Mr.M) adore vegetables, cooked or uncooked, and it’s not strange to see us finishing a big bowl of salate and some other boiled vegetables for dinner.
I don’t intend to become vegetarian or vegan, because I like meat and other ingredients of animal origin. But when I think about the pollution caused by breeding animals and how those animals are fed, I’m even more convinced that I made good decision in changing our diet. For me it’s impossible to exclude all “bad” ingredients from our diet, but I’ll at least try to reduce the consumption of all ingredients that are not so good for our bodies! Some exemptions are accepted, because we need to feed our soul too!
Let’s start this new season with something healthy, tasty and very light! If you like arugula and its slightly bitter taste, you will love this pesto. I prepared it without cheese, I even did’t added cheese to my pasta and it was good and tasty anyway. I think that some crumbled walnuts have well replaced parmesan cheese.


1 bunch of arugula (as the one in the picture)
3-4 walnuts slightly toasted
a pinch of salt
2 tablespoons of quality extra virgin olive oil

Wash arugula and let it boil for 1 minute in slightly salted water.
Drain it and allow to cool completely.
Shell walnuts.
Blend all the ingredients until you get very delicate and soft cream.
Keep in the refrigerator for few weeks in a glass jar with the surface covered with olive oil.
You can also freeze it in the ice-cube containers to get single doses you will use whenever needed as dressing for pasta, rice or potato salad.


1 mazzetto di rucola (come quello nella foto)
3-4 noci leggermente tostate
un pizzico di sale
2 cucchiai di buon olio extravergine di oliva

Lavare la rucola e sbollentarla in acqua leggermente salata per 1 minuto.
Scolarla e farla raffreddare.
Sgusciare le noci.
Frullare tutti gli ingredienti per ottenere una crema molto fine e morbida.
Si conserva nel frigorifero per qualche settimana nel vasetto di vetro con la superficie coperta da olio d'oliva.
Si può anche surgelare nel contenitore per il giaccio e scongelare all'occorrenza i cubetti di pesto per condire la pasta, il riso o l'insalata di patate.


1 mali buket rukole (poput onoga na slice)
3-4 lagano tostiranih orata
prstohvat soli
2 žlice kvalitetnog ekstra djevičanskog maslinovog ulja

Oprati rukolu i izblanširati ju u blago slanoj vodi oko 1 minute.
Ocijedite i pustite da se ohladi.
Očistiti orale.
Izblendati sve sastojke da bi dobili jako finu i glatku kremu.
Čuvati u hladnjaku nekoliko tjedana u staklenci, a površinu zaliti maslinovim uljem.
Možete čak i zamrznuti u posudicama za led i odmrznuti po potrebi kockice pesta i njime začiniti tjesteninu, rižu ili krumpir salata.

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