Rose-water syrup – Sciroppo di acqua di rose – Sirup od ružine vodice

The temperature in these days is so hot and last week it was even worse. I’ve tried to avoid cooking complicated stuff and staying long time near to the burner. Nevertheless I haven’t lost the appetite! But during hot summer days my preferred food is something fresh and ready to go (out) from the fridge. Now the fridge is full of fruits, vegetables and water. Everything must be fresh and almost icy. I usually don’t prepare ice – now I have ice in deep freezer too!
Despite of the big heat I haven’t lost the will to prepare something new and interesting. And despite of big heat, my red rose is full of flowers again. I’ve decided to use some blossoms and to prepare the rose-water. Rose-water is so fascinating to me and it’s incredible how many recipes you can prepare with it. My red rose is so perfumed and so red that the rose-water has very good flavour. Its coloure is deep and almost dark violet. I like to prepare it and to smell the beautiful scent rose’s petals give off while immersed into boiling water. This year I’ve decided to make something very easy (last year I’ve prepared Lokum, do you remember?), so the syrup was the perfect choice.
I’ve read several recipes of rose-water syrup and I’d like to share the recipe that I’ve used (I’ve adjusted a bit and combined more recipes). So the idea of making rose-water syrup is not mine, but this one is prepared the way I like it. It is so exquisite and refreshing, I’m sure you will like it a lot, it’s worth to do it homemade.


90 ml of rose-water (you can find the recipe here)
lemon juice (from ½ lemon)
130 gr of caster sugar

Dissolve the sugar in the rose-water on very low heat, add lemon juice and let it boil gently about 10-15 minutes. Pour the syrup into clean bottle and close it hermetically. Store in the refrigerator for a couple of months.
To prepare the refreshing drink just dissolve some syrup in fresh water and add some ice cubes.

La ricetta in italiano

90 ml di acqua di rose (trovate la ricetta qui)
succo di ½ limone
130 gr di zucchero superfino

Sciogliere lo zucchero nell’acqua di rose a fuoco bassissimo, aggiungere il succo di limone e fare bollire molto piano per 10-15 minuti. Versare lo sciroppo nella bottiglia pulita e chiuderla ermeticamente. Conservare lo sciroppo nel frigorifero per un paio di mesi.
Per preparare la bevanda basterà mischiare un po’ di sciroppo nell’acqua fresca e aggiungere qualche cubetto di ghiaccio.

Recept na Hrvatskom 

90 ml ružine vodice (recept pročitajte ovdje)
sok od ½ limuna
130 gr sitnog šećera

Otopiti šećer u ružinoj vodici na jako slaboj vatri, dodati limunov sok i vrlo lagano kuhati 10-15 minuta. Naliti sirup u čistu bocu i hermetički zatvoriti. Čuvati u hladnjaku par mjeseci.
Da biste pripremili napitak dovoljno je izmiješati malo sirupa u ledenoj vodi i dodati par kockica leda.

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