DIY How I dye my fabrics - Come tingo i tessuti - Kako bojim tkanine

I have been dyeing fabrics ever since I started this blog. I prefer gauze tissue, for both, dyeing and styling. For stayling because I find it more appropriate for my photos. It's soft and light and I can give it voluminous shape that gives the sense of movement to the image.
During all these years and even before I started blogging, I have gathered plenty of kitchen towels, but I never used most of them for my photo sets. Now my kitchen drawer (not only one!) is packed with different kitchen towels and I'm thinking of giving them away as a gift. It happen sometimes, you accumulate things and suddenly it becomes a problem. Space is missing to keep all these stuff and you even might dislike some of them after some time...But it's normal, year after year we are all changing, our style changes and it's a good sign.