Aubergine hand pizzas - Pizzette di melanzane - Mini pizze od patlidžana

Recept sudjeluje na kontekstu  "ajme, koliko nas je!" domaćica Jelena s bloga JelinaJela:


In these last years I’ve discovered plenty of new varieties of aubergines that I didn’t know before. In the market you can usually find the same old dark violet and oblong fruits, more or less puffed up. Last year I’ve tried the “pearl aubergines”, very long and thin light violet fruits that are perfect condiment for a pasta together with cherry tomatoes and black olives. This year I’ve cooked light violet striated puffy aubergines with a bright white pulp and less seeds inside. What I like most of aubergines is their slightly bitter flavour, therefor I never peal aubergines and I never let them lose the water before cooking them. This procedure is usually recommended in all recipes: peal the aubergines, cut them, put some salt on them and leave them to rest for some time in a colander.
It was so hot this last July and August, I almost didn’t have a willpower at all to turn on the oven, but it’s better to cook something in the oven then to stay near to the heat of the burner. Luckily the aubergines can be cooked in the oven and it was easy to make a decision what to prepare with them.
If you like Italian food and you like aubergines as much as I like them, you will love this trat for sure. This is not a complicated stuff, you just need to assemble all ingredients into small pizzas and bake them in the oven until the cheese get melted and golden brown. It is similar to another tasty Italian dish, the wel-known Parmigiana, but much easier and quicker to prepare.
The result is a “hand-pizza in one bite”. It is still aubergine season here in Italy and nice ripe aubergines can be found in the market. I think I will have to repeat these pizzas one of these days for dinner.

Buon appetito!