Cocoa roll with strawberries and mascarpone cream - Rollata al cacao con fragole e crema di mascarpone - Kakao rolada s jagodama i kremom od mascarponea

This is the best combination ever: chocolate and strawberries! At least it is in this very moment, while we are enjoying eating this cake! It is soft, creamy and full of strawberry flavour and it's perfect for these late May days. When I buy fruits and vegetables I choose them "one by one" - can you imagine the situation?... patiently, because I like them to be beautiful and photogenic, of course! I swear, these strawberries were the most beautiful in the shop. My intention was to bake something, I did'n have clear idea what I wanted to bake initially, but this was absolutely not a problem. There is always something in my kitchen that can inspire me and the decision suddenly can be made.
Sometime I don't have time to take pictures, especially if I prepare something during the week when there is no good light in the evening and no time to do it the morning after. Or we are simply eager to eat and . . . damn it, I'm forced to do it again!
This recipe is simple (do I say this too often?), I've just added some cocoa to it, because the original recipe should always be changed a bit, right?! The only difficulty might be to roll the sponge-cake as quick as possible, without burning your hands!