Unrolled buns - Danubio invertito - Otvorene buhtle

Great heat of these past days brought me so much exhaustion and lazyness. It interrupted every sign of thinking or writing, even taking new pictures were impossible. My eyelids were sweating, my palms were sweating, the camera got hot after only a while. So I stopped thinking and I decided to relax for a while, I took a break long all weekend. Nevertheless I couldn't find a peace of mind in anything, even baking didn't succeed during those days. I was continuously searching for some fresh place on the sofa, staying motionless and trying to stop the sweating, but all my trying were vain, there were no fresh place on the sofa. Air-conditioning is something I don't want in my house, I love to feel the air waving form room to room, I like the freshness and early morning breeze waking me up every morning. But in these last days even the breeze was hot and humid and the sun was shining so bright and it emanated unpleasant big heat from early morning hours.


Whole wheat bread with walnuts - Pane integrale alle noci - Integralni kruh s orasima

This time the story begins from its end. The story begins when the hot and sweet smell starts to fill my kitchen. Its sound is dull and echoing. The crust is rumbling and crisp. When all these things happen, the bread is ready. It doesn't matter if it's simple white bread, or some of those coloured strange breads that I like to bake when I find some inspiring natural dye, the most beautiful moment is when I divide the smoking and hot breathing bread. I look at it searching countless cavities that have trapped the air, same cavities that I was searching while it was raising, still and pampered under the blanket to warm its rest.
Because I like to spoil my bread, I gently place it in its bowl, I let him breath and grow. It has his special place protected from the wind and air flows. It has its own blanket and its feather pillow...


Pancakes with chickpea and buckwheat flour gluten-free - Frittelle senza glutine con farina di ceci e di grano saraceno - Palačinke s brašnom od heljde i od slanutka bez glutena

This kind a recipe was an experiment, I was not sure at all if it would have turned good or bad. Even the measures are in spoons, I did not weight the ingredients, for me pancakes are something you don't have to do following precisely the recipe. It is a kind of those home made, quick stuff that you can invent in a while and make it with ingredients we all usually have at home: eggs, flour and milk...but this time I've used different flours! My larder is full of flours of any kind. The last one I've bought is chickpea flour and I've never cooked anything with it before, so I wanted to try it immediately.