Slatko dizano tijesto s nadjevom od rogača - Yeast dough sweet roll with carob filling - Rotolo dolce di pasta lievitata con il ripieno di carrube

The train started to slow down the speed, we are approaching the city. Arriving from the westside the city welcomes you with its magnificent white castle on the cliff above the sea. It attracts the gaze of travellers while hastily gathering their luggages from the overhead locker. Some of them are already waiting the arrival to the final destination in the corridor. Probably they must continue their journey and don't have time to waste. The view from the window is wide, but not clear. Dense sea fog is announcing autumn rainy day.
I don't mind the weather, nor other passenger's haste. I have enough time before my bus will leave the city. In about one hour I can go quickly to the city center and see if it has changed since I've been there some months ago. Suddenly even the weather changed a bit and a weak midday sun made the fog feeble and eventually it vanished.