Homemade butter - Burro fatto in casa - Domaći maslac

Probably I've already told you that I hate wasting things, especially food. It's so pity to throw away something so precious, while billion of people in the world, children and adults, are suffering from hunger and chronic undernourishment.
Said that again, last day I didn't use all fresh cream I've both for peach clafoutis, so I have prepared fresh homemade butter and buttermilk. I have used the buttermilk while fresh for another delicious and quick recipe (I need to bake it again, because we devoured it in a moment and there are no pictures of the cake). Butter can be stored in the refrigerator for days, so it's worth to do it on your own, if you don't know how to finish your fresh cream.
It is fascinating how this white liquid transforms in a soft cloudlike whipped cream and after a while turns into its solid form. And it even changes the nuance! What to say, this is pure chemistry!


Peach Clafoutis – Clafoutis con le pesche – Clafoutis s breskvama

Happy solstice and midsummer! We have reached the longest day in the year and already half of the year passed by. It’s incredible how the time is running and how quick seasons are changing…so we need to stop and slow down a bit and try to enjoy “our” moments. For this special day I have baked this cake that has all sunny coloures, so it is perfect for the celebration. The taste of peaches go so well together with the freshness of mint, so mint tea was the perfect choice to accompany this clafoutis. I have some mint plants growing in the vase on the windowsill, the plants I have planted last year from the branches I’ve brought with me from my mother’s garden. These plants have survived the winter and now are in the bloom. I’ve picked some fresh mint leaves and prepared the mint tea while my kitchen was already full of perfume of peaches and vanilla.


Puff pastry pies with summer fruits - Sfogliatine ai frutti estivi – Pite od lisnatog tijesta s ljetnim voćem

After some time away from the kitchen and from the blog I ‘m back now! I’m starting slowly again with my usual kitchen activities and day after day things are going better and my mind is running through so many ideas. I don’t want to lose any moment and any new ingredient. I can’t stop doing something, or thinking about new things to do next. It seams crazy, but that’s it! This is me!

But I don’t want to exaggerate anyway, so let’s start with something easy, coloured and tasty, something full of summer flavours.
Again I have used ready puff pastry, my faithful fellow in tough moments….and a lot of fresh season fruits (I ate a lot of fruits while I was preparing these pies too!).