…nothing is real but the chance, wrote Paul Auster in the City of Glass and since the moment I read it, this incredible truth is following me in every single moment of my life. It happened for chance that I read about Gradaraworkshop, but I couldn’t have imagined how deep would this event remain in my memory and in my heart and how often would I go back to those fantastic moments.
Fearing for my inadequacy among those young and so talented Ladies, eventually I’ve grabbed this unique opportunity, because I couldn't lose the chance to meet Valentina, Betty or Zaira. Not this time! This time I was the lucky one and I was selfish enough to think only about what I wanted to do. Only a few words, I wrote a short message, but it was enough to express in the most pale way my desire to be part of this adventure. Nothing else, the rest occured as natural consequence of future events.