Parmigiana s patlidžanima - Parmigiana with aubergines - Parmigiana di melanzane

Seasons changing are very confusing this year...Are we still enjoying summertime, or early autumn sunny days...I couldn't precisely decide which season are we experiencing, but I wish this Indian summer will last another while before we jump into moist autumn days.
It's not because if season changing, but because my thyroide gland got crazy again, that I feel so sleepy and I should even not think ablut my sofa, I fall asleep while simply looking at my soft and comfortable sofa!
Since I've discovered that my thyroide gland is dysfunctioning I blame it for all my health problems. Well, I should not speak about real health problems, I only get sleepy when I'm not doing something and I'm hyperactive all day long until I decide to stop and that the time to relax has come. Then I'm ready to fall asleep! But not before I see in my mind clear picture of what I'd like to prepare and photograph next.
And it works, I first create with my head, then it must look perfect to my eyes and finaly it must tast good!


Breskve iz pećnice s čokoladnim filom - Baked peaches with chocolate and amaretti filling - Pesche ripiene con cioccolato e amaretti

Last three peaches were waiting patiently in my fruit basket since some time before I finally used them. They have lost their hard texture already and I've decided to bake them in the oven. I like fruits baked in the oven very much and these peaches were perfect to eventuallly try this recipe. I was always curious about it and I've thought that it is not so delicious at the end and even that ir is too simple to cook it. But my last three peaches were no more tempting us and they were sitting in the basked for days...their skin were slightly rugose, because their season is over for this year and I kept them in my fruit basket for too long. Nevertheless I still see plenty of big, ripe peaches in the market and it's hard to resist from purchsing those beautiful fruits, but I can't miss new very seasonal fruits that appear everywhere.
The recipe for this dessert is so quick and simple!