Sataraš - Sautéed mixed vegetables - Verdura mista saltata

I could tell you that I spend every holiday at home in Croatia, but you know this already...
And you also know how much inspiration I find in my parent's garden with the splendid sea-view...
Do you know what are emigrants craving for while they are abroad...their traditional food (parents excluded, of course)!
To make me feel longer at home, I pack our car with all possible home-made and home-grown stuff and despite the initial debate with the "car driver" about the best way to arrange stuff in the car, at the end of the story, every single vegetable and preserve arrive safe and intact to Italy. When we arrived to our destination, even the car driver was happy that we brought all that goodness from home, but only at the end and only after we unloaded our car, because then I took full responsibility of my vegetables and preserves. And then my activity in the kitchen started again...


Chocolate plumcake with pears - Plumcake al cioccolato e pere - Plumcake od čokolade s kruškama

The night of full moon is magic. It's full of bright light, brighter then the brightest star in the sky.
If you take a walk in the garden during one of those nights, don't take a flashlight, you won't need it. Just let yourself be guided by the cold perfume of golden summer fruits. And the golden summer fruits will shine in the night. They will reflect the bright moonlight like the mirror reflecting your own image. 
What would happen if one of those magical nights bewitch your person  and keep it stacked to your unreal world in which you will fluctuate and observe the surrounding, motionless, speechless, invisible. Hidden inside that darkness.