St. Nicholas is arriving - Sta arrivando San Nicola - Dolazi nam Sveti Nikola

St.Nicholas is announcing Christmas gift giving season. He is the first one that arrives in December, quietly, during the night and leaves simple presents to children and to some adults too.
When I was a child I was happy to receive St.Nicholas gifts: some tangerines, some candies and cookies, but all of us children feared to receive thin whip as a sign of bad behavior. Every 5th December eve before going to bed I readily cleaned my largest boots and placed them on the window sill with the hope to find them full of gifts the morning after.
These sweet memories make me still think that St.Nicholas will remember my home address again and again, and he does, maybe not every year, but from time to time he stops at my window sill and leave a simple gift for me.
This simple and perfumed sugar candies are for you, St.Nicholas was so busy this year and he asked me to help him. He trust to see smilie on your faces, because we all need St.Nicholas special gift in these days!

100 gr of sugar
3+5 tablespoons rose water homemade (add more if needed)

Place the parchment paper on the baking tray and put aside.
Put sugar and rose water in small pan and melt together on low heat.
You will get dense syrup and when all sugar is well melted let drop small drops of syrup on the parchment paper with the tablespoon. From time to time you will have to reheat it and add other rose water to the syrup to make it fluid again. Once you have consumed all syrup leave your sugar candies to solidify for 24 hours.

100 gr di zucchero
3+5 cucchiai di acqua di rose fatta in casa (se serve aggiungerne di più)

Rivestire una teglia con carta forno e mettere da parte.
Mettere lo zucchero e l’acqua di rose in un pentolino e fare sciogliere lo zucchero a fuoco basso.
Otterrete uno sciroppo denso e quando tutto lo zucchero si sarà sciolto fate cadere piccole gocce sulla carta forno coll’aiuto di un cucchiaio. Ogni tanto sarà necessario riscaldare lo sciroppo e aggiungere altra acqua di rose per farlo diventare fluido di nuovo. Una volta consumato tutto lo sciroppo lasciare solidificare gli zuccherini per 24 ore.

100 gr. šećera
3+5 žlica ružine vodice, domaće (ako treba, upotrijebiti više)

Prekriti dno pleha iz pećnice masnim papirom za pečenje.
Na laganoj vatri u maloj posudi otopiti šećer s ružinom vodicom.
Dobit ćete gust sirup i kad se sav šećer otopi, kapati male kapi sirupa po masnom papiru. Pomognite si žlicom. Svako toliko treba zagrijati sirup i dodati ružine vodice da bi se sirup ponovo razrijedio. Kada upotrijebite sav sirup ostavite šećerne bombone 24 sata da se stvrdnu.

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